This is who we are

Northcross Christian School is a ministry of Ryde Baptist Church. More than 40 years ago, the church acted on what we believe was a vision from God to found a school that would serve our local community. We are blessed to have the spiritual covering and oversight of the church. We believe humans are more than just flesh and blood, we believe we are all spiritual beings. We are on this planet to fulfil God’s plan, not only for our own life but also for His creation. As such, we work hard to provide our students with experiences that help them discover who they have been made to be and flourish under Him.


This is where we’ve come from

Northcross Christian School, formerly Ryde Christian Community School, was established in 1981 as a ministry of Ryde Baptist Church. It began as a group of approximately 15, K-6 students and has grown to over 370 students today. The aim of the school in the early days was to provide quality, affordable Christian schooling to the Christian community of Ryde and surrounding areas.

More than 40 years later the school continues to fulfil that vision and it remains a key value of the school. The school had a re-branding in 2002 which saw a name change, new logo and a change in uniform from green and gold to blue, white and red.

Mission and Values

Who are we?

Northcross Christian school is:

  • A ministry of Ryde Baptist Church
  • A vibrant Christian community
  • A provider of well-rounded education of the whole child

Our Mission

To enable each student to thrive as a child of God in the world by delivering a high-quality, balanced, biblically- based education and providing a nurturing environment for personal and spiritual growth.


We primarily serve Christian families and lovingly welcome others who are seeking a Christian education for their children.

We make the choice to speak honestly and out of love and respect in all situations, and we respond thoughtfully and graciously when difficult situations arise.

We communicate openly and proactively with staff, students, parents and stakeholders.

We seek to provide good value for families, recognising that we must set priorities in order to do a lesser number of things well rather than do everything and compromise standards.

Our Values

Principal’s Welcome

At Northcross, we believe that every human is made in the image of God.

This core belief shapes the way we nurture, educate and equip students for the world in which they live. Furthermore, we believe that this foundational truth impacts how we engage with one another at Northcross – we seek to be authentically supportive of all parents, carers and staff who make up this community.

We provide an outstanding education for our students, based firmly on the integration of faith in all subject areas. Teachers continually craft learning experiences through which students develop an understanding of our core values and have the opportunity to live them out day by day. All schools strive to provide an excellent educational experience for their students, but the biblical basis of learning at Northcross is what makes us special.

Our desire for all students at Northcross is that they would work hard, grow in their knowledge and understanding and develop the necessary skills to be life-long learners. We seek to provide a truly rounded education so that students develop, not only academically, but in their physical skills, creative pursuits and personal qualities such as resilience and hope.

All staff at Northcross Christian School are committed Christians who are eager to partner with you in the journey of raising your child. By the grace of God, they model what it is like to be a follower of Jesus and how to treat others with dignity and respect.

As you explore our website, you will see information about the values we hold, the vision that we have for our community, as well as a taste of life at Northcross Christian School. It is my hope that you will be able to understand what your child attending Northcross could be like and prayerfully consider whether it is the right school for your child. Please contact our Registrar who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about the process of enrolment.

Catherine Horsburgh