Our Community

At Northcross, we aim to reflect the things you value in your family

At Northcross, we aim to reflect the things you value in your family.

This is why we love it

We work together to nurture every part of your child, growing their relationships and their confidence. Through friendship and support, your child gets to know more about themselves, their teachers and other children. With simple and open communication, we find parents develop trust in our teachers. Our teachers aim to be approachable and we encourage our parents to be involved.

At Northcross, we aim to reflect the things you value in your family

We know this works because our community has thrived as our parents have joined in partnership with the school. This, in turn, encourages a safe and secure environment for your child.


I want you to know that what I have loved most about Northcross is the character that has been built into my children. It is comforting to know that your child attends a school that positively reinforces all the good things that we try to build into our children.

All my children have left Northcross with an incredible character that truly reflects their love of God. They are confident, they have healthy self esteem, and they have hearts that are for God, which manifests into a heart for others. They have been encouraged to do their best, and to never fear failure. And they are all the better for it. I know for sure that they could not have had a better preparation for the next part of their lives.

I know this because of our experiences with the boys. Regardless of our effort as parents, our children cannot always resist the pressures of their peers and the other not so good influences of this world. But what makes me smile (and sometimes shed a tear) is when they rise above all that, and choose what is right over what is wrong. This may be as simple as an apology for something they have done, or the courage they display in standing up for a friend, or just when they elect to help out when they would rather be out doing something else. This is the character of my children, which has developed during their time at Northcross.