Biblical Worldview

As a registered school with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), Northcross Christian School teaches NSW Syllabus outcomes for each of the Key Learning Areas (KLAs) K-6 within a biblical context.

We recognise that each student learns differently. In response, we provide dynamic, interactive and varied learning experiences in every classroom. This may include teacher-directed instruction, child-centred lessons, group work or whole class activities. We pursue academic excellence while integrating a biblical perspective across the curriculum. We want each child to have opportunities to excel, reaching their potential through a well-rounded education that develops the whole child.



Foundational Years

As students begin school, we want them to know that they can develop the skills they need to thrive as a learner.

Starting big school is such an exciting time for you and your child. At Northcross, we believe that a positive school experience in the early years of education lay the foundation for your child’s journey of life-long learning.

Our teachers are committed to establishing a safe, caring and nurturing environment for your child where they can grow and develop to reach their full potential academically, physically, socially and spiritually. 

In Kindergarten to Year 2, we concentrate on teaching your child the necessary skills in order to become both literate and numerate. The learning process differs from one child to another. To cater for the different stages of learning, students will work both independently and in groups in order to best meet students at their point of need and understanding. This occurs throughout the various subjects taught: English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, HSIE (Human Society and It’s Environment, which is comprised of Geography and History), PDHPE (Personal Development and Health and Physical Education), Creative Arts (Visual Art, Music, Drama, Dance) and Biblical Studies. Students are taught necessary skills through a mixture of group-work, discussions, hands-on investigations and strategies that will support their future learning.  

To teach spelling and reading skills, we use a quality phonics program called Sounds-Write, which is based on the most current research. This program teaches students the sounds letters make, how to blend the sounds when reading and how to segment the sounds when spelling words. Students are then encouraged to use these skills as they write sentences and a produce variety of texts in writing lessons. To teach Mathematics, students are taught explicit skills which are then applied to real-life situations. There is a focus on developing problem-solving skills through the manipulation of physical objects and exploring the different strategies which could be used to find a solution. 

As a Christian school, everything we teach is done so within a biblical framework. We start each day with class devotions, learning truths about God from the Bible, singing worship songs and praying. In addition, students have a biblical studies lesson each week. 

We see this journey in the foundational years as a partnership with parents, guiding and encouraging each child to confidently embrace their God-given gifts, talents and potential. 

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Years 3-4

Develop & Grow

Students are challenged to understand their world in a new way as they develop and grow.

Years 3 and 4 are a dynamic time of learning for students. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of activities aimed at developing the whole child.

As students develop their functional skills in English, we start to have them apply those skills to text-based learning. Northcross uses the Spelling Mastery Program to further develop our students’ spelling skills. This program enables teachers to efficiently and effectively deliver straightforward lessons that help their students learn dependable spelling skills. Students continue to learn to write a range of text types, all taught using a framework called Talk For Writing, which takes students through a process of learning and refinement so that they can create well-composed and engaging written work. Grammar (learned in context), comprehension skills and developing a love of different textual forms underpins the work students do in English. 

Students are streamed for Mathematics to allow a more targeted approach to meeting individual needs. Throughout Years 3 and 4, students are in the process of progressing from using concrete materials to experiences where they are encouraged to engage in learning that involves abstract thoughts and concepts. 

In Science and Technology, students gain a detailed understanding of the way investigations can be carried out to provide reliable and robust results that help them understand the world in which they live. In Human Society and Its Environment, students learn about the history of Australia and how the natural environment in which we live interacts with people and built structures. Students also develop their creative and physical skills through a rich program of Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts and PDHPE.    

In Term 1, all of Years 3 and 4 go on a 3-day Camp where they participate in many exciting activities. The focus themes for the Camp include developing resilience and independent living skills, along with students being asked to consider their walk with God.  

The teachers partner with the students to help develop their relationship with Jesus. Through daily class devotions and biblical Studies lessons, students study the Bible, learn how to apply these truths to their lives so that they may be bright shining lights to all those around them. 

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Years 5-6

Middle School

As a school we’re committed to equipping each student with skills for life.

The learning and experiences in Years 5 and 6 help students as they prepare to transition from Primary School to High School.

The focus of Years 5 and 6 (Middle School) is to:

  • provide high-quality teaching programs that engage students
  • promote learning and develop independence within a supportive environment
  • allow students to become active, flexible and responsible learners. 

The classroom teacher is responsible for the majority of subjects taught with some subjects being taught other teachers at the school. Mathematics is streamed across five ability based classes as this allows the students to work at a pace and a depth that suits their learning needs. English is taught within the student’s own class, with a focus on text-rich experiences and implementing all the skills they have learned throughout their time at the School. Throughout the other subjects, students can hone their scientific literacy, become adept at design thinking and how technology can be used to assist in solving real-world problems. Opportunities for students to share their creative and sporting gifts are plentiful throughout each week of learning.  

As students near the end of their Primary School time, a strong approach to pastoral care ensures that every student is personally cared for and supported. The classroom teacher is integral to a student’s pastoral care and is supported by the Middle School Coordinator and Wellbeing Team. 

Every student undertakes a leadership development program. In addition to this there are opportunities to become student leaders in a range of positions across the school. 

There is a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities available for our students including choir, dance, debating, public speaking, music and sport. 

We are proud of the achievements of our students and know that as they complete their Middle School years at Northcross, they are able to engage with confidence as they take their next step in education. 

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Learning Support

Skills for Life

Each student is unique and may require collaborative and creative approaches to planning their educational journey.

Literacy and Numeracy Support

Literacy and Numeracy support is provided for students who require additional targeted instruction in Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Spelling or Mathematics.

We utilise programs that are research based to provide explicit instruction and are tailored to the individual child’s needs. Intervention can be 1:1, small group or specialised in class support.

Some of these programs include:

  • Sounds-Write small group intervention (synthetic phonics program)
  • MultiLit – Reading Tutor Program
  • Spelling Mastery
  • Mathematics small-group support
  • Fine Motor and Organisational Skills
  • Additional in class support from a teacher’s aide

EAL/D- English as an Additional Language/Dialect- we support English language learners at Northcross based on the identified level of need: in class support using differentiated and supplementary teaching; and intensive English withdrawal sessions.


At Northcross, we recognise that each student has gifts and talents that they can contribute to the school community. We aim to ‘enrich’ all areas of ability, whether they lie in the area of academic, creative, physical, spiritual or social through a differentiated curriculum.

Enrichment is defined as encouraging, developing and providing opportunities for students to be extended in one or more field of endeavour.

At Northcross enrichment occurs through small group withdrawal for select students in each grade who excel in targeted areas of the curriculum; and in class support where opportunities are sought to help deepen and extend upon the tasks provided by the classroom teacher.

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Physical Education

We want students to be active and able to understand how their brain, heart and body was designed by God to work .

The physical education of students is of vital importance as part of overall student wellbeing at Northcross and our programs have been successful in equipping students with the necessary health, fitness and skills to live active lifestyles.

Our sporting programs are an integral part of our curriculum, with staff delivering quality programs from K-6. 

Students are placed into one of our three Houses: 

  • Cuthbert (Red) 
  • Bradman (Blue) 
  • Court (Green)

At Northcross, our students have ample opportunity to participate, engage and compete in a wide variety of sports and physical activities throughout the year. Students in Years 2 upwards (who are 8 years and over) have the opportunity to participate and compete in their house teams at our annual Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals. We also offer modified versions of these activities for students in infants. These carnivals are a wonderful opportunity for our parents, staff and students to build community and strengthen relationships. 

Northcross is a part of the Christian Schools Sport Association (CSSA). Throughout the year, students in Years 3-6 are invited and encouraged to trial for a variety of sporting teams. Selected students commit to training and compete in a variety of sports against Christian schools in our Zone. 

Our sporting Gala Days include: 

  • Basketball 
  • Biathlon 
  • Netball 
  • Oztag 
  • Soccer 
  • Super 8’s Cricket 
  • Table Tennis 
  • Tennis 

Students who compete at a high level outside of school in sport also have the opportunity to trial for the CSSA or CIS representative team for their given sport.  

At Northcross we offer a variety of specialist programs during the year such as: 

  • Gymnastics (K, Year 1, Year 3, Year 5) 
  • Dance (K, Year 2, Year 4, Year 6) 
  • AFL (K, Year 1 and Year 2) 
  • A two-week swimming intensive program for Years 1 and 2 
  • Life Education (Healthy Harold) for K-6 

Our school is currently a Jump Rope for Heart skipping Demonstration School with students in years 3-6 showcasing their talents at various schools around Sydney. 

Each of these programs successfully promote physical education and help develop healthy lifestyle choices in our students. They encourage students to develop a wonderful culture of team spirit and work towards achieving their personal best. 

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