Tuition Fees

School Fees for 2018

The Following is a breakdown of the School Fees

Tuition Fee

$5,368.00 per annum

Technology Levy

$200.00 K-6 per annum

Library Levy

$20.00 K-6 per annum

Sport Levy

$30.00 K-2 per annum
$125.00 3-6 per annum

Text Book Hire Scheme

$40.00 K-6 per annum

Parent Activity Levy *

$75.00 per family (per term)

Building Fund donation

$100.00 per family (per term)

An Enrolment Fee of $500 per student is paid upon confirmation of enrolment.
*This fee is waived at the end of each term upon completion of 4 hours assistance within the school community.

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