Children at Northcross are encouraged to grow in their understanding of who God is and how they have a purpose in His perfect plan.

This is who we are

Northcross Christian School is a ministry of Ryde Baptist Church. Forty years ago, the church acted on what we believe was a vision from God to found a school that would serve our local community. We are blessed to have the spiritual covering and oversight of the church. Not only does that make us different it makes us relevant. We believe humans are more than just flesh and blood, we believe we are all spiritual beings. We are on this planet to fulfil God’s plan, not only for our own life but also for His creation.

Principal’s Welcome

Every aspect of Northcross Christian School is built on the believe that we are made in the image of God. This belief informs how we function as a school community. Our key foundational beliefs include:
• Humans are created by God
• We are created to worship God
• We are created to live in fellowship with God
• We are created to live in community
• God is a good and loving God
• God has a plan to restore His creation
• Sin is our disobedience and denial of God’s love for us
• God has sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us and restore us into relationship with Him
• We are called to be stewards of God’s creation
• We are able to be transformed through grace to live in fellowship with God, both now and eternity

These beliefs deeply influence the way we think and act as a school. For example, like all schools, we strive to deliver excellent education, including achieving excellent results. But we also believe we are called to train up our children to equip them for productive lives of service and even sacrificial love. Academic results and personal and spiritual growth are both important. As a school based on Christian beliefs, we rejoice is seeing our children grow up reflecting the image of Jesus.
Every student is made in the image of our Father God. Each and every child is loved by God. As a result, every child has amazing potential and we want to nurture and develop that potential so they can fulfil God’s purpose for each of their lives. This is what we mean by the saying Shaping lives that change the world. These foundational truths allow our young people to become successful learners.

Northcross Christian School is a beacon of light and hope in the Ryde area. Our dedicated staff model what it means to live a transformed life. Modelling is the most powerful way of teaching. Our students learn to imitate what has been modelled to them, all in a loving, caring and nurturing community.

On this page you will also see our Purpose and Culture. This is a document that has recently been updated to reflect Who We Are, Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Motto, Our Values, The Student Outcomes We Seek and How We Achieve Our Outcomes.

As you browse through our website we trust that you will learn more about our school and how we operate. I encourage you to consider Northcross Christian School for your daughter or son. Please contact our Registrar who will be delighted to answer your questions or suggestions.

Gary Brummell
School Principal

Purpose and Culture

Who Are We?

Northcross Christian School is a K-6 Primary School which:

  • Is a ministry of Ryde Baptist Church
  • Serves the community of Ryde and beyond
  • Embraces a strong, two-way, open partnership between home and school
  • Is a member of Christian Schools Australia
  • Our Mission

    Northcross Christian School is a vibrant Christ-centred community, delivering a quality biblically based curriculum which encourages each person to reach their full potential as they actively serve and encourage others.

  • Our Vision

    Shaping lives that change the world

  • Our Motto

    Walking With God

  • Our Values

    Anchored in love we celebrate, promote and encourage three core values:

    Faith: Hope, Trust, Courage, Resilient, Passionate

    Joy: Peace, Forgiving, Content, Gentle, Happy

    Respect: Respect, Kind, Self-control, Inclusive, Goodness, Patient


This is where we’ve come from

Northcross Christian School, formerly Ryde Christian Community School, was established in 1981 as a ministry of Ryde Baptist Church. It began as a group of approximately 15, K-6 students and has grown to over 340 students today. The aim of the school in the early days was to provide quality, affordable Christian schooling to the Christian community of Ryde and surrounding areas.

Over 35 years later the school continues to fulfil that vision and it remains a key value of the school. The school had a re-branding in 2002 which saw a name change, new logo and a change in uniform from green and gold to blue, white and red.

Master Plan

School Development Master Plan

Funding from the Building Education Revolution saw the School complete Stage 2 of its building process in 2010. Stage 2 gave the school 2 additional classrooms, 2 rooms for ESL and Booster and a multi-purpose library. This completes the 14 rooms needed for double streaming the school to 2 classes per grade from K-6.

Since then the playground area has been completely renewed to provide students with a new playground, sandpit, basketball, netball and four square courts.

Tax Deductible donations may be made to the Northcross Building Fund to contribute to further growth of the school.